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The Foundations to Building an Intentional Brand

If you follow me pretty much anywhere online, you’ll see me use the word intentional more than I care to admit. But here’s the thing…. it may be a buzzword of late, but it’s important for a reason.

So many clients come to me with brands they had designed elsewhere only a few years ago and they all say the same things..

It just doesn’t feel like me anymore.

“I’ve outgrown it.”

“It doesn’t resonate with me anymore.”

“I paid someone on Fiverr to make me a logo and it’s fine, but I’m more than this.”

The Sunday Society’s brand design experience is one I’m very proud of.

Modelled from Fiona Humberstone’s technique, we blend the feminine energy of values, emotion and seasonal personality with the masculine energy of colour psychology to create something that has its roots in the heart of the business it is for: intention.

When you create a brand that is designed on values and how your business would live if they were a person, and what you hold dear to your business, you’re no longer at the mercy of trends.

Sure, your personal taste may change, but values tend to stick around. If your brand is warm, nurturing, soulful, bountiful and uplifting, your brand design will convey that without words.

If your brand is cutting-edge, high-end, unapologetic, aspirational, your brand can convey that without words.

Designing a brand with heart and intention is designing a brand for life. A brand that doesn’t abide by trends or ‘what’s hot right now’, a brand that is nobody elses but yours.

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The Foundations to Building an Intentional Brand

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